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Our company always observes the principle of “Quality First,Customer Uppermost.Keep Improving”, developing new Safe Boxes persistently in order to provide better products and service for customers.With the advanced technology,better Safe Boxes and good service. we believe we will make great contribution to optical communication in the world.


Our Product Category

We have four kinds of safe: Office safe boxes, Family safe,Hotel safe and Gun safe etc.which enable us can develop and produce a lot of products with different shape, different size, different material.

wHo we are

Perfessional Enterprise Which Specializes In Safe Production.

Hangzhou Zhongling Technology Co.,Ltd.

Hangzhou Zhongling Technology Co.,Ltd. is a Famous

China Custom Safe Boxes Manufacturers and Wholesale Safe Box Suppliers

. It is located in Yuyao city -”Literature of the state”. Factory transportation is convenient, close to 329 National Road and only 1 hour to Ningbo or Hangzhou Airport .
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Therefore, the company will expand innovative vision and cooperative bosom, and develop with you together.

  • Good product quality

    Our company make a very strickly incoming supplier choosing , incoming testing, incoming comparing; High standard of online processing control, we do final testing one by one which also can be traced after selling.

  • Competitive quotation

    we have a good manufactory location and high level management team, that will reduce the transportation and management cost, the incoming cost also be controlled well, professional R&D team, technology service team, we consistently provide quality Safe Boxes and other products.

  • Continuous and reliable supply of products

    our factory has sufficient capacity , good control of raw material, completely ERP system, Efficiency operation which will promise the shipment date.

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There are many variations of safe, but the majority have services for all types and sizes.