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My safe is no longer afraid of losing keys

1. Use the emergency key

The best way to deal with it is to hide the emergency key of the safe in a secret space that only you know.

In case the key to the safe is accidentally lost, at least you can use the emergency key to open the safe and take out the items stored in it.

As for whether you want to replace the safe, change the lock, or risk continuing to use the emergency key, it depends on your heart.

2. Use the back door to unlock

Some safes will leave a technical back door during production, so that when the key cannot be unlocked, contact the seller or the manufacturer's technical department to negotiate and use this back door to open the lock.

Of course I'm happy to get the gold necklace real estate certificate out, but then I think about it, if this backdoor is known to the technology thief... Wouldn't it be taken away in a wave?

3. Use factory spare key

I can't find all the keys, and the important documents/items that I need urgently are still locked in the safe, what should I do?

There may be a glimmer of hope in the after-sales service. Some safe manufacturers will retain the spare key of the product, or retain the impression of the key. You can first confirm the key code number of the safe/safety model and the date of manufacture, and contact the brand after-sale service to return the key~

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