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The functional purpose of the safe

Each safe has its own national standards. Most of the safes on the market are the first two.
3C-certified safes (cabinet) are called safes according to the actual height of the cabinet (excluding the height of the casters) above 450 mm, and those with the actual height of the cabinet below 450 mm (including 450 mm) are called safes.
According to different password working principles, anti-theft safes can be divided into mechanical insurance and electronic insurance. The former is characterized by relatively cheap price and relatively reliable performance. Most of the early safes were mechanical safe boxes. The electronic safe is an electronic lock with intelligent control methods such as electronic passwords and IC cards. Its characteristics are convenient to use, especially when it is used in a hotel, the password needs to be changed frequently. Therefore, it is more convenient to use an electronic password safe.
In fact, the concept of safes on the market is rather vague. From the perspective of insurance, safes can be divided into fire-proof safes, anti-theft safes, anti-magnetic safes, and so on.
Functional purpose
1. The choice of a well-off family and the needs of a happy family.
2. The placement of important documents and valuables. Such as contracts, contracts, birth certificates, academic certificates, real estate certificates, notarizations, etc., to avoid misplacement and find them when needed.
3. Place a small amount of emergency or spare cash, commemorative coins, valuable collection or very personal items, stamps, coins, antiques, jewelry, jewelry, gold watches, etc.
4. Put personal items, personal special items, and items that are not suitable for others to see.
5. Place items, medicines, dangerous items (such as guns), adult products, etc. that are not suitable for children.
6. The lock-free trend of modern home decoration, social life is becoming more and more frequent, and it is more necessary when the home often invites foreign workers.
7. It is widely used in business offices, banks, governments, public security, hotels, gas stations, jewelry stores, business halls, ATM machines, checkout counters, shopping malls, supermarkets...etc.

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