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How to properly open the cover of the optical cable terminal box?

Optical cable terminal boxes are very common in communication work and are now used by most users. So in the process of use, how to disassemble the cover of the optical cable terminal box? Let's take a look at the following. Methods as below:
1. First, loosen the 10 fastening bolts in a certain order. At this time, the cover and the seat should still be together.
2. Next, we can take four fastening bolts and pierce them into the four corners of the box respectively, and screw them into the top cover of the four corners symmetrically and evenly, so that the cover and the seat are in a separated state. At this time, the separation should be as high as 6mm.
3. After waiting for 5 minutes, then evenly cover the top cover, so that the distance between the cover and the seat is >6mm, until we can easily use the hand to separate the cover and the seat. At this time, it should be noted that it is necessary to gradually remove the cover when separating, so as to prevent the spliced ​​fiber from being damaged.
4. Finally, if the expansion or inspection is completed, then the cover needs to be closed from the beginning, the old sealing strip must be removed, and the sealing strip should be laid to the sealing groove from the beginning, including the sealing strip at the inlet end of the "U" groove cable.

Most people know that the function of the optical cable terminal box is to ensure that the optical fiber and the optical fiber connector are not affected by vibration, stamping, bending, etc. and to prevent moisture, so the splice box must have the following functions:
1. Durable corrosion resistance. Nowadays, most of the shells of the splice boxes are made of plastic products. In addition to corrosion resistance, the aging resistance and insulation properties of the raw materials should meet the 20-year lifespan requirement.
2. The splice box should be easily disassembled, and the materials can be reused.
3. Better mechanical performance. The splice box must have a certain mechanical strength to ensure that when the pressure applied at the optical cable splice reaches 70% of its strength, the function of the optical fiber in between is not affected.
4. The connection box should be as simple as possible, so as to reduce the labor intensity during connection and reduce the operation time.
5. Good sealing. The transmission loss of optical fibers is closely related to the waterproof function, so the optical cable terminal box must have good air-tight and waterproof functions. Generally, it is required to be effectively waterproof, moisture-proof and prevent harmful gases from invading within 20 years.

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