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Insulation material of optical cable splice box is very important

The optical cable splice box is an indispensable part of the optical cable communication line. The main function is to complete the continuity of the optical fiber of the optical cable. At the same time, in order to ensure the grounding function of the optical cable splice box, the internal grounding device and the grounding part of the optical cable must be electrically connected, and ensure that the metal components of the optical cable splice box are connected between the grounding device and the optical cable reinforcement core. Insulated from each other to prevent adverse effects from the environment on the cable splice box.
Because the application environment of optical cable splice boxes is basically outdoors, their application environment may be buried, overhead or pipeline. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the design of the fixing and grounding devices of the optical cable splice box and the insulation materials used.
The service life of the optical cable splice box directly depends on the insulating material with good quality. Reasonable and excellent insulating material is the basic guarantee for accepting the breakdown of high-voltage DC. Therefore, the structure and material of the insulation and the quality of the appearance also have a great influence on the withstand voltage strength of the optical cable splice box. In order to improve the withstand voltage performance of the optical cable splice box, it is necessary to choose better insulating materials, increase the brightness of the surface, and reduce the insulator and the curvature between the poles and the poles and the ground. In the case of other parameters being the same, this case can add at least 100 or more lengths.
General description of the characteristics of optical cable splice box In the optical communication network, because the length of the optical cable is limited and the optical cable needs to be branched on the transmission line, the optical cable joint occurs. The optical cable joint box provides conditions for the connection and branching of the optical cable and protects the joint.

The optical cable splice box is suitable for the laying methods of optical cables such as overhead, pipeline and direct burial. All raw materials (including accessories) are non-toxic, non-corrosive, and have no side effects on human health and other equipment. The main body is made of high-quality imported engineering materials by molding, with high strength and anti-aging. According to the specification, all indicators are in line with the requirements of the YD/T 814.1 2004 specification. Specifications, working temperature: 40℃~+65℃. Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPa. Sealing function: air pressure in the box 100±5kPa, immersed in water for 15min, no bubbles Repackability: air pressure in the box 100±5kPa, immersion in water for 15min, no bubbles, repeated three times Tensile strength: ≥800N. Compressive strength: Overhead 1000N/100mm. Buried directly 2000N/100mm.
Impact resistance: 16N m, three-time impact bending strength: the joint between the splice box and the optical cable can withstand 10 cycles of bending with a bending tension load of 150N and a bending point of view of ±45°. Torsional strength: Bearing torque of 50N m, 10 cycles of torsion angle ±90°. Axial compression: ≥100N. Temperature cycle: 40℃~+65℃, cycle times 10 times. High temperature resistance: 65±2℃, continue for 100h. Anti-vibration function: 106 times, frequency 10HZ, amplitude ± 3mm Anti-corrosion: can continue to soak in 5% hydrochloric acid, 5% sodium hydroxide, 5% sodium chloride solution for 24h, no obvious corrosion.

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