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Optical Distribution Units
  • Optical Distribution Units

Optical Distribution Units

Feature Details
430mm X 300mm X 43mm
12cires X 1 = 12 cires
430mm X 300mm X 87mm
12cires X 2 = 24 cires
430mm X 300mm X 132mm
12cires X 4 = 48 cires
430mm X 300mm X 177mm
12cires X 6 = 72 cires
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Hangzhou Zhongling Technology Co.,Ltd.

About Our Company

Perfessional Enterprise Which Specializes In Safe Production.

As a famous custom Optical Distribution Units company and ODM Optical Distribution Units factory, Hangzhou Zhongling Technology Co.,Ltd. Is a perfessional Enterprise which specializes in Safe production. It is located in Yuyao city -”Literature of the state”. Factory transportation is convenient, close to 329 National Road and only 1 hour to Ningbo or Hangzhou Airport .

The factory covers more than 10,000 square meters , with Large,medium,small various specification of injection machine ,Multi purpose CNC laser cutting machine,CNC bending machine,CNC plate shears,CNC control,Welding machine,Riveting machine and etc,dozens of Finishing machinery and equipment.Meanwhile, the factory has a set of spray line to produce all kinds of Safe. The main products of our company include : Office safe, Family safe,Hotel safe and Gun safe. The company has a rich experience for new product design, R&D, quality control,production , inspection,sales and service.

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