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Several unlocking methods of household safe

Electronic password
It is inconvenient to input the mechanical equipment password on the intelligent password lock control panel. The login password is given by the manufacturer when leaving the factory, and I cannot change the password independently. This defect leads to the gradual withdrawal of the mechanical equipment password safe from the safe stage. The electronic device password safe can be changed at will. Some can even set two sets of login passwords, or both sets of login passwords can open the safe, or the safe can only be opened after the two sets of login passwords are keyed in, which is very convenient. The electronic password scheme has become popular in the sales market.

Fingerprint verification
Fingerprint verification lock Traditional mechanical safes can be opened within a certain period of time. The key is very easy to lose, and the password type can be easily cracked or lost. Only the fingerprint safes can completely solve this problem, and only the user's own fingerprint identification can be opened, which fully reflects that they can be trusted. Reserved fingerprint identification can be set without memorizing the login password.

Fingerprint Reader Office / Home Safe ZLS-801A

Reserved login password
The reserved login password should be handed over to a reliable person. Some safes can be set with 2 to 3 sets of login passwords. Each login password can open the safe, which can not only prevent the trouble caused by the loss of the login password, but also comply with the need for several people to use the safe when necessary. If it is used with other people, please ensure that it is your reliable person.

Upper login password
As one of the key components of the password safe for electronic devices, the power circuit processing chip has given more than 10 billion login passwords, which can provide up to 10 billion login passwords, and the number of login passwords is widely reaching the upper digit. It is also reasonable for password management of higher level numbers to occur in the future.

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