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What is Dome Optic Splice Closure?

A dome optic splice closure is a type of enclosure used to protect and organize fiber optic splices in a fiber optic network. It is typically a cylindrical or dome-shaped device that is made of a durable and weather-resistant material, such as plastic or metal.
Inside the splice closure, there is a splice tray or organizer that is used to hold and align the fiber optic splices. The splice tray typically has a series of slots or channels that hold the spliced fibers in place, and may also have features such as strain relief to protect the fibers from damage.

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The splice closure is designed to be sealed, so that it can protect the splices from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, and temperature changes. Some splice closures also have additional features, such as airtight seals or internal heating or cooling systems, to further protect the fibers from damage.
Splice closures are commonly used in outdoor fiber optic networks, where they are exposed to the elements. They are also used in indoor applications, such as in data centers or other locations where the splices need to be protected from damage or tampering.

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