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Why is the safe so important in the movie

If you like watching movies, you will definitely find some plots that appear frequently, such as the villain always dies of talking too much, the protagonist's mission must go wrong, and so on. There are also props that appear frequently to create tension and advance the plot, for example, the safe.
When it comes to safes in film and television dramas, it is easy to think of the reasons for the melee gunfights in Hong Kong-made police and bandit films, but can only put money in the safe, of course not. In fact, when it comes to safes in movies and TV dramas, the first thing that comes to mind is that in "Titanic", Rose replaced the Heart of the Ocean, which should have been in the safe, with Jack's portrait of herself. The portrait, accidentally lying in the safe, escaped that disaster safely, and after decades of searching for it, it is still so clear and complete.
It is also because of this that this story began. We listened to the old Rose looking at the portrait and recalling his youth, and carefully narrated the love that touched countless people.

In this way, to understand those safes that appear in police and gangster films, it seems that its appearance has more meaning than a simple prop. The film "The Leaker" released last year, everyone must remember, this story about exposing the criminal behavior of a pharmaceutical company, under the surface of all calm, the confrontation and competition of various forces made the plot reverse and then reverse. One of the important clues is also shown in this way. From the TV report, I learned of the imminent danger. The protagonist silently opened the safe at home, what was hidden in it, and the camera quickly switched, leaving a large suspense.
Different from such a subtle way of showing, the intense pictures make people's heart beat faster. In "Informer", which is co-operated by powerful actors such as Nicholas Tse and Zhang Jiahui, the film reaches its climax when the gangsters are ready to rob a large gold shop, and they have done enough in advance. The real goal of preparing them is to loot the vault in the shop. Knowing the level of protection of this safe, it cannot be destroyed by violence, let alone removed, so the only way for the gangsters is to force the clerk to open it with a gun.
Have you found the safe, reliable shape and patented control panel shown above familiar? Yes, this is the product of CHUBB. For more than 200 years, CHUBB has been the safe brand used by the British royal family, so it is highly recognized in Hong Kong, whether it is in the homes of high-level people or gold stores, including Citi, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank and other international banks , all use Chubb products for safe operation.
Of course, CHUBB has been trusted by so many professionals and institutions for a long time, because CHUBB is completely reliable for its safety, which not only meets the high level of national standards and American standards, but also passes the strict EU standards recognized by the world standards. Obtained the anti-theft and fire protection certification of the European Union Safety Commission, these two labels prove that the CHUBB products of Chubb are the high standard among the few safes currently on the market.
What is even more surprising is that in the process of continuous development, CHUBB has developed a series of high-security civilian safes for the storage needs of families and individuals. There is no need to go to the bank to rent safes. Get the same security protection. This may also be the reason why the safe, like an iconic symbol, keeps appearing in film and television works. No matter how the time and conditions change, everyone’s urgent mood and desire to keep the things they value is kept by their side of.

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