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Not only wealthy families use safes

With the development of the economy and the change of ideas, more and more families use home safes. But some people still think: we are not a wealthy family, where can we use the safe! If you think so, you will fall into a misunderstanding. Home safes are not exclusive to the rich. Today we will talk about why there are safes and how to choose home safes.
Why buy a safe in the first place? Simply put, the function of a home safe is safety and management. Safety means anti-theft, fire prevention, and no loss due to theft; management means the management of valuables, which can make life in an orderly manner, and will not be lost because of important objects. or troubled by loss. A home safe can provide you with:
1. Place a small amount of emergency or spare cash, commemorative coins, valuable collections or very personal items, etc.
2. The placement of important documents and items. Such as contracts, contracts, birth certificates, academic certificates, real estate certificates, notarial certificates, etc., to avoid being found when needed due to random placement.
3. Place personal items, personal special items, items that are not suitable for others to see, etc.
4. The lock-free trend of modern home decoration, social life is becoming more and more frequent, and it is more necessary when the family often invites foreign workers.
5. Place items, medicines, dangerous goods, adult products, etc. that are not suitable for children to touch.
So in fact, the use of a home safe is still very large, so how do we choose a suitable home safe?
1. Choose the right size
The safe looks relatively large, but because it is relatively thick, the effective space is often very small. It is OK to store a small amount of cash, jewelry and documents, but if you want to store larger items such as laptops and SLR cameras, it may not be enough. When shopping, consider different needs to choose the right size.
2. Choose a reliable brand
The safe needs to be used for a long time, not only the protection must be strong, but also the key components must be reliable and durable. For example, lock cylinders, password components, circuit systems, etc., once they fail, they will bring trouble.
3. Environmental protection
Safes also consider environmental friendliness. Due to the requirements of rust-proof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, etc., the surface of the safe is often coated with some special chemical materials. If some unqualified products are not handled well, harmful substances will be released during use to endanger health. .
4. Installation method
For products with high protection level and self-importance, they generally do not need to be installed, and can be directly placed in a secluded place. Thieves can't do anything about 100 kilograms. However, most common home safes require a special steel frame for installation and fixation to firmly fix the safe into the wall.

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